Tolsmaville, Cockburn Island

Catching up… The following blog post was written on July 15, but we’ve been without a signal for a couple of days. We’ve been anchored at John Harbor for the past 30 hours, where we’ve just been clipped by several large storms making their way through the North Channel over the past 24 hours or so. We are seeing temperatures over 30 C, very rare in these parts. At least there is no lack of water for swimming and cooling off!

Now, to catch up:

The dock at Tolsmaville early morning.

What a beautiful day! We woke to a dead calm, perfectly clear day.

I savor days like today. We are staying put, anchored in this tiny harbor. There is a light easterly breeze right now, and we don’t have a large to-do list. Today is a day for enjoying quiet time: knitting for me, fishing for Ron, books for both of us, and a second cup of coffee. This is a lovely spot for rowing ashore to stretch our legs, walking out the kinks that develop being restricted to the space a 35-foot sailboat provides.

This is a nice break from those days we stop in port, when our day is busy, busy, busy: reprovisioning our food stores for another week, laundry, trying to load several days of computer work into just a couple of hours over what is usually a slow wireless connection, and then rushing out of a hot town early enough to arrive in a cooler anchorage in time to enjoy a late supper.

Sunset over Tolsmaville, at Cockburn Island.


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