Can you say “wuss”?

I admit: I am a wuss. After 3 blissful days anchored all by ourselves at Portlock, Ron catching fish for dinner (a few more fish meals will pay for his Canadian fishing license) and the two of us foraging for wild blueberries (one of my favorite summer cruising pastimes if you don’t count knitting), and taking daily swims, we had “the talk”. Basically, I expressed my fears of sailing alone into the isolation of the east and north shores of Lake Superior. And so, we are staying in the North Channel this summer, where the water is warm, the anchorages abound (and are close to one another), and Ron usually catches fish. Oh, and we usually have cell and Internet service, the better to keep in touch with family. We may not have the grand scale of Lake Superior’s beauty, but the North Channel’s beauty is nothing to sneeze at either!


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